18 Mar 2019
where are the best affordable dentures stuart fl?

Whether you’ve lost a couple of teeth or the whole set, affordable Dentures Stuart FL are one of the many solutions available to restore your beautiful smile. This removable appliance will help restore the function of your teeth and mouth, like eating, chewing, and speaking. If you are planning to get dentures, here are some of the frequently asked questions you need to know about:

What Do Dentures Feel Like?

Dentures may feel uncomfortable at first but it will get better as your mouth and tongue gets used to keeping them in place. For the first week, it is normal to experience small irritations and increased saliva flow in your mouth. This is your mouth’s normal response as it adjusts to the dentures so do not worry.

How Will I look with Dentures?

Dentures are made to look like your natural teeth, although there is a slightly noticeable difference. But a restored beautiful smile will definitely improve your overall look.

Will it be Difficult to Eat with Dentures?

Eating with dentures will need a lot of getting used to and practice. What you can do is to eat soft foods and then slowly incorporate normal foods until you are used to it. Avoid eating hard, sticky, and super-hot foods because this can damage your denture.

Will I be Able to Speak Normally with Dentures?

There will be words that are going to be difficult to pronounce with dentures on, but practice can definitely solve this problem. If any speaking problem persists, consult your dentist.

Will I Need to Wear my Dentures 24/7?

For the first week, your dentist might ask you to wear your dentures 24/7. This will allow your dentists to figure out which part of your denture needs to be adjusted. After the adjustment, you can remove your dentures before going to bed and put them back in the morning.

where is the best affordable dentures stuart fl?

Where to get Affordable Dentures Stuart FL?

With proper care and good oral hygiene, your dentures will last you a lifetime! Get your quality Affordable Dentures Stuart FL at Family and Implant Dentistry of Stuart. We are proud to offer a range of quality affordable dental services for you and your family’s oral needs. Call us today for an appointment or any inquiries.

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