30 Nov 2018

You just bit into your favorite hard-food item and felt a shock of pain in your mouth. You realize you’ve chipped your tooth and are not sure what to do. After running your tongue over your tooth, you question whether you need a chipped tooth dentist Stuart FL or not. This post will educate you on why you need to get that fixed as soon as possible and then some.

More Damage Takes Place

The number one reason why you always want to get your chipped tooth examined as soon as possible is that if you do not, more damage is for sure going to take place. It might be immediate or weeks later, but chipped teeth set the stage for cracked teeth. Cracked teeth set the stage for a large number of even bigger issues that can have severe implications for your overall health.

Risk of Infection Skyrockets

One of the biggest reasons why you are at risk for infection when you chip a tooth is because it will lead to a cracked tooth if it goes untreated. A cracked tooth means that the inner soft nerve tissue of your teeth and gums are exposed. Things like bacteria and worse can get inside the tooth, fester, and turn into one of the worst infections your body can contract.

Other Issues That Arise

When dental injuries go untreated, you open yourself up for even worse infections. Root canal infections are primarily caused by tooth decay or when a chipped tooth goes untreated. The gum line around the tooth becomes swollen and filled with pustules and other sores. If the infection does not get treated in time it will spread to your throat, nose, ears, and bloodstream.

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