18 Sep 2018
Who can help me with a Dental Emergency in Stuart Fl ?

Unfortunately, many adults neglect their oral hygiene with leads to serious dental emergencies. There are some warning signs that indicate a dental emergency that you simply cannot ignore. Below are three signs that you are experiencing a dental emergency and that you need to contact your dentist. If you are experiencing a dental emergency in Stuart FL, contact our office today!


Your Tooth Feels like It Has Become Loose

If your tooth suddenly feels loose, this could be a sign that it is injured or infected. Contact your dentist immediately for proper treatment and diagnosis.

Your Jaw Is Swollen

A swollen jaw is a warning sign of a gum or tooth infection which are both considered dental emergencies. Therefore, if you suddenly notice swelling in your jaw, don’t ignore it. See a dentist before it becomes a more serious issue.

There’s a Numb Feeling in Your Tooth

If your toothache that you have been ignoring has suddenly turned numb, contact your dentist immediately! If one of your teeth feels numb, this could mean that an infection in your tooth got so severe, that nerve damage has occurred.

Who is the best dentist for Dental Emergency in Stuart Fl ?

Do You Have a Dental Emergency in Stuart Fl?

Are you experiencing one of the above dental emergencies? Always use your best discretion in an emergency. And, always be sure to contact a dentist if your smile is affected by an injury to ensure you get the best treatment possible. So, do not hesitate to contact us at Family and Implant Dentistry of Stuart.

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