08 Apr 2019
where are the best dental implants stuart?

Although the fake teeth attached to the dental implants Stuart are made of artificial materials and decay cannot thrive on them, you still need to practice good oral hygiene to make them last as long as they should. Aside from regular brushing and flossing, here are some dental implant care hacks you need to know:

Use a Water Pic/Oral Irrigator

This tool can help in getting rid of plaque, inflammation, avoid infection, and helps clean your implants thoroughly. A water pic is also a recommended alternative if flossing causes your gums to bleed since it is gentler.

Use a Special Tooth Brush designed for Implants

  • Tufted Brush: This tool has a round head so it is perfect for reaching the area where your implants reach the gums.
  • Angled Neck Brush: This tool aids to better clean the implant abutments from the inside. The soft and slim filaments can reach narrow areas and it won’t scratch your implants either.
  • Regular Implant Brushes: This tool is similar to the angled brush except that it is designed to better clean the dental implants from the outside.

Utilize an Interdental Brush

This tool is designed to easily clean your dental implants on the side and in between teeth. This type of brush is relatively small so it can reach areas that a normal brush can’t. There are different brush size so it is better to ask your dentist which one is suitable for you.

Floss with Care

For patients who have single-tooth dental implants, using a regular floss is okay. For patients who have a bar-type implant, it is recommended to use a special implant floss which has a thin and stiff end with a thick, flexible section in the middle. Use the stiff thread to clean between your implants and gums.

where are the best dental implants stuart?

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