14 Mar 2019
where are the best dental implants stuart fl?

Dental implants have a relatively high success rate (95%) but there are rare cases wherein something goes wrong and they fail. In failed cases, there are a lot of contributing factors as to why- your choice of dentist could be one. That is why it is so important to find the right dentist to perform Dental Implants Stuart FL on you. If you’re curious, here the 4 factors that contribute to failed implants.

Choice of Dentist

The success rate of any surgery is highly dependent on the ability and experience of the one performing it. Get to know your dentist before you get implants. Make sure your dentist of choice is someone who is well versed and experienced about the procedure.

Low Blood Supply

Ample blood supply is needed to carry nutrients throughout the body to support your healing. It will take a while to place the fake tooth on your implants if you cannot properly heal from the surgery. Sometimes, low blood supply can even make the healing almost impossible, to the point that your dentist cannot proceed in putting the abutment tooth.


There are medicines that can negatively affect the merging of the implants and the bone it is attached to. Let your dentist know about any medications you are currently taking before having the procedure.

Unsuccessful Immediate Loading Procedure

A lot of experienced dentists has successfully done this but there are also cases wherein it is unsuccessful, and contribute to failed implants. The usual procedure is completed in two stages but immediate loading procedure shortens it to one stage. What happens is that the implants are screwed to the bone and the abutment and crown are immediately placed without waiting for it to heal. It fails because the patient might have a poor bone density or there was too much force or pressure on the abutment and crown.

where are good dental implants stuart fl?

Where to find a Dental Implants Stuart FL?

Failed implants can definitely be avoided by choosing the right dentist. Find an experienced dentist to perform Dental Implants Stuart FL on you at Family and Implant Dentistry of Stuart. We are proud to offer a wide array of affordable dentistry services for patients of all ages. Call us today or schedule an appointment online to see what patient-centered care is all about!

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