21 Jun 2018
What does an emergency dentist in Stuart do?

Even with more attention on dental health in recent years, dental emergencies still come in on the regular. Dental emergencies are extremely preventable though and can keep your relationship with our emergency dentist in Stuart a happy one! Here’s how you can prevent emergencies from occurring:

Use Daily Oral Care

Your oral health is a big deal! And, it’s a daily chore. This means you need to be brushing and flossing with the proper products on a daily basis – morning and night. These actions alone can help prevent cavities and decay.

Wear a Mouth Guard

If you’re participating in any sports or engaging physical activity, a mouth guard can be extremely beneficial. Even if you’re certain that nothing will happen to your teeth, you can never be too safe. A well-fitting mouthguard will work to protect your teeth against that unpredictable accident that may happen.

Why do I need an emergency dentist in Stuart?

Eat Mouth-Healthy Foods

Your oral health is reflective of your overall health. So, when you’re not eating mouth healthy options, you can be causing more problems than you realize. Combining unhealthy, sugary foods with poor oral hygiene can lead to a buildup in plaque and bacteria. So, put down the candy and pick up the fresh fruits and veggies.

Listen to Your Dentist

Your dentist knows what’s best for you! So, should they give you any special instruction, don’t ignore them! Take their advice and ask any questions you may have.

Are You Looking for an Emergency Dentist in Stuart?

It is best to be prepared for any dental emergency than get caught unprepared. Our emergency dentist in Stuart is here to guide you in a calm and educate manner in an emergency situation. So, contact us to learn more about our emergency services.

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