07 Feb 2018
when should my child start seeing a pediatric dentist in stuart fl

Your child’s early oral health can set the path for their future smile. That’s why seeing a pediatric dentist in Stuart FL is so important. Keep reading to learn when and why your young child should most definitely see a dentist:

At What Age Should My Kid See a Dentist?

Your child should start seeing a dentist when their first tooth erupts, or by the age of two. This allows your dentist to keep track of your child’s growth and development. And the more dental history available, the easier it is to make sure your child stays healthy over the years. However, should you believe there is an issue before the first tooth erupts, you should take your child in earlier to express concern.

Does My Child Need to See a Pediatric Dentist?

Compared to your dentist as an adult, pediatric dentists have experience and training specifically for children. Going to see a pediatric dentist ensures that your child is getting the best care for age-specific dental issues.

who is the best pediatric dentist in stuart fl

Do Baby Teeth Need to be Treated?

Baby teeth may not seem so important because they eventually fall out. However, baby teeth can say so much about your kid’s development and dental health future. Plus, treating baby teeth properly can ensure that the gums and rest of the mouth stay healthy as well.

Are You Looking for a Pediatric Dentist in Stuart FL?

Bringing your child in to see a pediatric dentist in Stuart FL can make the process so much easier for you and your family. So, contact us today to schedule an appointment for your kid and keep them smiling!

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