03 Jun 2019
who is a pediatric dentistry stuart?

Every parent gets excited the moment their child losses their first baby tooth. Although it usually comes off on its own, there are cases wherein you will need the help of a dentist. Good thing pediatric dentistry Stuart focuses on dental health in children, so, you are assured that your child is safe.  If you’re wondering when tooth extraction in kids is needed, here are some reasons why your child might need a tooth extraction:

Extreme Decay

In situations wherein it gets difficult for you to extract your child’s tooth because there’s barely any teeth left for the floss to cling on to, pediatric dentistry Stuart can help you.

Damage by Injury or Trauma

It’s normal for children to be active, but sometimes they encounter injuries and trauma that causes their tooth to break. This can get really painful for them and sometimes a tooth extraction is needed to relieve the pain.

Milk Tooth Stay in Place for Too Long

There is a milk tooth or a baby tooth that remain for too long that it hampers the growth of the permanent tooth. This can cause crowding, misalignment, and sometimes it results in an impacted tooth. If you want to avoid any orthodontic treatment in the future, it is best to have your child’s tooth extracted today.

who is the pediatric dentistry stuart?

Looking for Pediatric Dentistry Stuart?

For whatever reason your child needs an extraction, you do not have to worry because pediatric dentistry Stuart makes sure that your child will have a pleasant dental experience during the procedure. If you think your child is a candidate for a tooth extraction, Family and Implant Dentistry of Stuart is dedicated to providing all their patients the best oral care they deserve at an affordable price. Call us today for inquiries or set an appointment online!

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