01 Oct 2018
who is the best stuart care office for fluoride experts?

Did you know that your smile is your most valuable accessory? In order to maintain your smile, you must start from the surface of your teeth. We provide fluoride treatment—a protective coating for your teeth in order to prevent new cavities! Keep reading to learn more about the best Stuart dental care experts!


What It Is

For starters, fluoride is a natural element that safeguards your teeth from cavities or pre-existing cavities. Hence, fluoride treatment helps protect your teeth with a fluoride coating to prevent cavities and to build strong teeth and tooth enamel.



Moreover, there are many benefits associated with getting fluoride treatment:

  • Teeth are resistant to plaque
  • Protects from sugar build-up
  • Slows down acid erosion
  • Reduces bacteria that causes tooth decay


Equally important, is the effectiveness for both children and adults alike. This treatment quickly builds up the re-mineralization of your teeth, allowing it to become stronger than it’s ever been.


What to Expect

Furthermore, fluoride treatments are typically performed with a gel, varnish, or rinsed with mouthwash. Depending on the nature of your treatment, they can be applied with a brush, swab, or mouthwash. Since this treatment contains a high-level amount of fluoride, you will generally be instructed to wait an hour before consuming or drinking again.


where can i find the best stuart dental care fluoride treatment?



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Lastly, we know how important your smile is to you. That’s why we’re experts in fluoride treatment to make sure that you’re protected from cavities and have the strongest teeth. Contact us to make an appointment with the best Stuart Dental Care!

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