02 Apr 2019
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You may think that your bleeding gums are just a result of brushing too hard but if this happens often, you might have gingivitis. Teeth and gum health are often taken lightly, and only a few people are aware of the consequences if gum disease is left untreated.  You may not realize this, but you could lose your teeth if you do not address your gum disease now. Get the right Stuart dental care to avoid losing your teeth. Here are the reasons why deep cleaning is important for healthy teeth and gums:

Improves Your Dental Health

Many diseases, like stroke and cardiovascular diseases, are found to be linked with your oral health. Regular dental checkups and cleaning help in maintaining your optimum oral health. If you’re already suffering from decay and gum disease, all the more that you need to get deep dental cleaning to help get rid of plaque and bacteria.

Clears Away Disease-Causing Bacteria

Especially when you have gingivitis or periodontitis, deep dental cleaning helps get rid of irritants that regular brushing and flossing could not. Getting a deep cleaning at least once a year will help get rid of the accumulated tartar and bacteria below your gum line. This will prevent swelling, infection, and other diseases.

It Protects Your Soft Tissue and Bones

The soft tissue and bones surrounding your teeth are very important for support. If you have periodontitis, you leave them vulnerable to deterioration which could lead to tooth loss and bone loss. Deep dental cleanings prevent this from happening by allowing the soft tissues to heal and reattach itself to healthier tooth and gums.

Gives You a Radiant Smile

There are habits that could cause our teeth to look stained or yellow, like drinking coffee, smoking, and more. Getting a deep cleaning regularly will help brighten your smile without the need for whitening treatments!

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Get the Stuart Dental Care you and your family deserve from a dental clinic you can trust! At Family and Implant Dentistry of Stuart, we aim to provide you quality oral care at an affordable price! Call us today for any Inquiry or set an appointment online!

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